Name: Daniela
Surname: Kohler
Nickname: N/A
Homebase: Bergens/Austria
City: Bergens
Country: Austria

Daniela Kohler

Your favourite quote:
Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it
Your favourite spot(s):
Siargao Philippines

Your craziest, best, funniest or most adventurous ride ever:
Catching my first double overhead wave with the paddle board and ripping it! Complete with celebration from the other surfers. Also, at that same spot, on the same day... getting smashed and receiving 3 phantom sets on my head while an earthquake shook us all underwater! Same spot, same day... totally different surf experience….. Just like life.

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water:
I am a documentary filmmaker, observing life.. especially people and their stories is what I burn for. My truest passion is making music… singing and songwriting.
Your best contest results so far:
Making a film about my life and paddle boarding
Anything you want to let us and / or the world know:
I am always open for collaboration for storytelling and film/travel Projects. Feel free to contact me and on another more general note….. Happy Paddling to the whole Paddle Tribe!






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