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Name: Johannes

Surname: Becher

Homebase: Essen, Baldeneysee, Ruhr Area

City: Essen

Country: Germany


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Your favorite quote:"Never stop playing!"

What do you use our boards for:I use both, the Wingfoil 79 RS Carbon and Wingfoil 74 Wingfoil Carbon for flatwater Wingfoil conditions and moderate swell for a windrange from 8 knots onwards and already started with pumpfoiling on my new 120 Pump Foil Carbon.

Where’s your favourite spot(s):El Médano, Vrouwenpolder, Laboe, Veerse Meer, Auesee, Baldeneysee, Xantener Südsee.

Your craziest, best, funniest, or most adventurous ride ever:My first (Wind-)Foil session ever in Bronnoysund (North of Norway near the polar circle) in a thermal summer breeze, riding the pilot boat´s stern wave in 6 Bft. + conditions in Laboe, all winter sessions below 5 centrigrade on my homespot.

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water:Organizing Foil Events, Running, Surfskating.

Your goal this year:To learn pump foiling and proper jumping on my wingfoil gear.

Tell us about a personal achievement:Convincing my son (7 years old) to go wingfoiling with me (at least on the bow of the All-In-One Foil 135 Carbon).

Anything you want to let us and/or the world know:Foiling: There is so much more fun to come!

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