Indiana Foil HP Front Wing 1050 X-AR

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High Aspect Hochleistungs-Frontflügel
Entwickelt für maximales Gleiten und Geschwindigkeit auch bei leichterem Wind.
Der perfekte Allrounder für Wingfoiling, Windfoiling, Surffoiling und Downwind.


Length: 1050 mm

Width: 148 mm

Thickness: 17 mm

Volume: 1106 cm3

Area: 1123 cm2

Weight: 750 g

Aspect Ratio:9.81

Recommended Rider Weight: 65 - 85 kg

Bag: Sleeve

Material: Material: 100% Carbon, PVC Foam, Epoxy / Production Technique: Steel Mold / Screws: 1x 30 mm , 1x 30 mm , 1x 25 mm ; (M8 Countersunk TX45)

Shaper: Indiana Foil Development Team

Made in: Kosovo

Warranty: 2 +1 Year

Range of Use and Level:

Range of Use:
WING Beginner* Advanced**** Professional*****
PUMP/DOCKSTART Beginner Advanced**** Professional*****
SURF Beginner* Advanced**** Professional*****
DOWNWIND Beginner Advanced** Professional**

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