For Indiana Paddle & Surf


Driven by Passion and Innovation: Since 2010 we are pushing forward – on the water and onshore.



Shaped by the Best: Top-notch shapers design our hardboards, and our team riders test them until they are perfect – and go on to win contests on them.



The Product is King: We focus on the details that make a big difference.



Unique functionality: Our exclusive SUP 2.0 Technology.



Swiss development: No compromise when precision and quality are involved.



Outstanding design: Classic and clean – this is our style.



Indiana Word of Honor: Two-year guarantee and excellent customer service.



Service-minded: Happy customers – happy “Indianas”.



Test Before You Buy: More than 50 Indiana test stations and our Test Tour with 25 events will help you to find the right board.



Help us evolve: Your feedback helps us to make the best products even better.


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