Fred Ducry

Name: Fred

Surname: Ducry

Homebase: Sup Club Nyon

City: Rolle

Country: Suisse

Fred Ducry

What’s your favourite quote: Before thinking about retirement, you have to think about living!

Where’s your favourite spot(s): Every spot I've ridden. From the Netherlands to the Mediterranean to the lakes, has a unique magic, and all of them are my favourites.

Your craziest, best, funniest, or most adventurous ride ever: My first 11 City Tour, in September 2020, was an extraordinary adventure.

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water: I love being in contact with nature, hiking, bivouacking, or sharing a fire with family or friends. I also practice acrobatic kite and downhill mountain biking.

Anything you want to let us and/or the world know: To quote a friend, I would like to live my life and be able to say: “Wow what an adventure it has been!” Be grateful and happy to have done the best you can.

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