Sarah Spalinger

Name: Sarah

Surname: Spalinger

Homebase: The 'Maldives + Hawaii' of Zürich, just 5mins from home

City: Zürich

Country: Switzerland

Sarah Spalinger

What’s your favourite quote: Dream, belief, and never give up

Where’s our favourite spot(s): Home spot (because it's so close). But I'd love to try out wave foiling and wing foiling in exotic places!

Your craziest, best, funniest, or most adventurous ride ever: Loving extreme conditions like winter pump foiling in 3° cold water with friends; chasing ship waves to ride them as long as possible (you never know where you end up); wingfoiling with seals.

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water: I used to do triathlons, but now I swim and bike for fun. Plus I love ski touring in winter and outdoor camping.

Anything you want to let us and/or the world know: Dare to leave your comfort zone! Neuroplasticity is amazing, and pump foiling is living proof. You start out feeling like a toddler learning to walk and end up flying over the lake. Our bodies and minds are capable of so much more than we trust them with.

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