In the Outlet Category of our webshop, you will immediately find inexpensive offers for older material. There are some gems that should not be missed. First come, first SUP/surf!

We also have a lot of material that was used at our events or in stations during the last season. If you are interested in a used board, please check the sale offers at ricardo.ch.

EU customers, please send us an e-mail if you are interested to info@whitewave.ch

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  1. Indiana Kite Foil Pack: 125 Infl. + Foil 620K

    Special Price CHF 1,156.80 Regular Price CHF 1,928.00
  2. Indiana Wing Foil Pack: 47 L Infl. + Foil 920H-AR

    Special Price CHF 1,216.80 Regular Price CHF 2,028.00
  3. Indiana Wing Foil Pack: 77 L Infl. + Foil 920H-AR

    Special Price CHF 1,246.80 Regular Price CHF 2,078.00
  4. Indiana Wing Foil Pack: 101 L Infl. + Foil 920H-AR

    Special Price CHF 1,276.80 Regular Price CHF 2,128.00
  5. Indiana Wing Foil Pack: 129 L Infl. + Foil 1100P

    Special Price CHF 1,414.80 Regular Price CHF 2,358.00
  6. Indiana Wing Foil Pack: 149 L Infl. + Foil 1100P

    Special Price CHF 1,432.80 Regular Price CHF 2,388.00
  7. Indiana Wing Foil Pack: 165 L Infl. + Foil 1100P

    Special Price CHF 1,444.80 Regular Price CHF 2,408.00
  8. Indiana SUP/Wing Foil 85 L Carbon +

    Special Price CHF 839.40 Regular Price CHF 1,399.00
  9. Indiana SUP/Wing Foil 158 L Carbon +

    Special Price CHF 899.40 Regular Price CHF 1,499.00
  10. Indiana SUP/Wing Foil 126 L Carbon +

    Special Price CHF 887.40 Regular Price CHF 1,479.00
  11. Indiana SUP/Wing Foil 103 L Carbon +

    Special Price CHF 857.40 Regular Price CHF 1,429.00
  12. Indiana Wing Foil 47L Inflatable

    Special Price CHF 479.40 Regular Price CHF 799.00
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