Pump / Kite Foil

Possibly the most spectacular kind of foiling is the pump foiling. Equipped with only a board and the foil, you start on a raft or a landing stage and do your laps with pumping movements only. It’s not easy to learn but the applause of the amazed crowd is guaranteed. Thanks to the supporting wind and waves, kite- and surf foiling almost appear cozy. With our development team we designed an extensive set-up of pump-, kite-, and surf foil boards.

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  1. Indiana 135 Kite / Pump Foil Carbon

    Special Price CHF 479.40 Regular Price CHF 799.00
  2. Indiana 120 Pump Foil Carbon +

    Special Price CHF 703.20 Regular Price CHF 879.00
    Out of stock
  3. Indiana 105 Pump Foil Carbon

    Special Price CHF 701.10 Regular Price CHF 779.00
    Out of stock
  4. Indiana Kite Foil 125cm Inflatable

    Special Price CHF 489.30 Regular Price CHF 699.00
  5. Indiana 5'2 Kitesurf Foil Carbon

    Special Price CHF 499.50 Regular Price CHF 999.00
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