Indiana Dockstart Foil 1190 P Complete Alu

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The perfect setup for learning to dockstart and pump.

The HP 1190 P front wing was designed to make dockstart learning as easy as possible. The super low takeoff speed keeps it extremely stable, making it easy to make faster progress. The setup is combined with the 420 stabilizer and aluminium 710 fuselage. The fuselage can be tuned be most stabile by using the maximum length, making it very easy to learn how to dockstart. As the rider’s level improves, the fuselage can be shortened by moving the stabilizer closer to the front wing increasing efficiency to pump and agility. With the increasing skill level, the setup will grow along. This setup is delivered, with the 75cm aluminium mast for maximum stiffness at a great price. Especially heavier Riders (90 kg+) will be able to not only learn on this foil, but also progress into an advanced level.

Front Wing: Indiana HP 1190P Front Wing 3503SM

Stabilizer: Indiana HP 420 Stabilizer 3511SM

Mast: Indiana 75cm Alu Mast 3305SP

Fuselage: Indiana HP 710 Alu Fuselage 3520SM

Adaptors: Indiana Foil HP Set of Stab Angle Adaptors Buttom Mount (0,1&2 degree) 3350SM / Indiana Foil HP Fuselage Alu Adaptor incl. Screws 3552SM

Screws: 3551SM Indiana Foil HP Set of Alu Mast & Adaptor Screws incl. L-Key

Weight: 4,889 kg

Bag: Sleeves for the Wings and Mast


Carbon: Front Wing, Stabilizer

Alu: Fuselage and Mast

Shaper: Indiana Foil Development Team

Made in: China

Warranty: 2 +1 Year

Range of Use and Level:

WING: Beginner**** Advanced*** Professional**

PUMP/DOCKSTART: Beginner***** Advanced**** Professional**

SURF: Beginner*** Advanced** Professional*

DOWNWIND: Beginner**** Advanced*** Professional*

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