Indiana Foil HP Front Wing 1190 P

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The perfect setup to learn how to dockstart and pump. 
The 1190P Front wing was designed to make learning to dockstart as easy as possible with a very low take-off speed and is extremely stable, making it easy for you to progress faster.   Especially heavier Riders (90kg+) will be able to not only learn on this foil, but also progress will into high intermediate level with this setup.  It is also an amazing light wind foil for wingfoiling.
Perfect for getting into the dockstart foiling sport and for heavy riders.

Length: 1190 mm

Width: 246 mm

Thickness: 35 mm

Volume: 4267 cm3

Area: 2028 cm2

Weight: 1600 g

Aspect Ratio:6.1

Bag: Sleeve

Material: Material: 100% Carbon, PVC Foam, Epoxy / Production Technique: Steel Mold / Screws: 1x 50 mm , 1x 45 mm , 1x 45 mm ; (M8 Countersunk TX45)

Shaper: Indiana Foil Development Team

Made in: China

Warranty: 2 +1 Year

Range of Use and Level:

Range of Use:
WING Beginner**** Advanced*** Professional*
PUMP/DOCKSTART Beginner***** Advanced**** Professional***
SURF Beginner*** Advanced** Professional*
DOWNWIND Beginner**** Advanced*** Professional

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