Indiana Foil HP LW Carbon Mast 72 cm

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The “LW” stands for low weight. And the name doesn’t lie, it is the lightest and stiffest production mast on the market. The mast has an 18 mm “bullet nose” profile which allows the high-performance pre-preg carbon mast to be flowing perfectly while ensuring great flexional and torsional stiffness. The more rounded nose of the LW Mast profile helps laminar flow stay attached to the Mast at all angles of attack and lean. So, no more worries about ventilation on sharp turns or choppy water.
The LW is produced by the Swiss company Carbo-Link AG, well known for their high-end products for Forumla1 and Americas Cup in Switzerland/Europe.

The 72cm mast is very suitable for pump foiling and a great tool for shallow waters when wing-, kite- and surf-foiling. It’s also well-sized for downwind sup foiling.

Length: 72 cm

Weight : 1.200 kg

Bag: Sleeve

Material: Material: 100% Carbon, PVC Foam, Epoxy / Production Technique: Mold

Shaper: Indiana Foil Development Team

Warranty: 2 +1 Year

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