Jérôme  Baudoux

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Name: Jérôme

Surname: Baudoux

Nickname: Jeydge

Homebase: Jura 


La Chaumusse

Country: France


Jérôme  Baudoux

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Where’s your favourite spot(s): Always the closest one to where I stay. 

It turns out that the closest body of water from my home is "Lac de l'Abbaye". And the best thing is that I'm probably the only one to have foiled this lake ????

Your craziest, best, funniest, or most adventurous ride ever: My first foil was a fully wooden homemade foil and I tried to ride it in a huge chaotic river static wave. 

I had no chance to learn hydorfoil in such spot but I didn't know it at the time, however it was really fun and made great memories.

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water: I do a lot of XC skiing training and competitions during winter as I am a former biathlon competitor. 

Paragliding, skateboarding, mountaineering and trail running during summer. 

Prototyping countless sketchy ideas all year long. 

Your goal this year: Landing a foiling backflip!! Whether it's pumping or towed, I'd love to master this trick. 

And take the record for foilpumping duration! 

Tell us about a personal achievement: Winning some French championship biathlon races few years ago was the achievement I put most effort in. 

The most unexpected one was to take part and win a fashion show with self made upcycled clothes. 

Anything you want to let us and/or the world know: Yes. foils works like underwater airplane, and no there is no motor ????

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