Nicolas Iten

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Name: Nicolas 

Surname: Iten

Nickname: Nico

Homebase: Sursee, Aare River (Aarburg), Lucerne

City: Reidermos

Country: Switzerland


Niclas Iten

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What do you use our boards for: I use my skinny hydroskate board for endurance pumpfoiling runs over flat lakes or calm rivers.

Where’s your favourite spot(s):  Lucerne, with its spectacular view to the city and the Alps. But also the lake Sempach (Sursee) and the Aare river near Olten that I can get to with my bicycle and the pumpfoil stuff in my backpack.

Your craziest, best, funniest, or most adventurous ride ever:  Recently I tried to go for a long run on the lake Sursee. I checked the wind and started pumping. Unfortunately the wind increased step by step and I had to stop at the opposite of the lake. So I decided to run back to the startpoint for 7 Kilometer with my pumpfoil. Now my shoulders are more painresistent.

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water:  My background is Inline-Speedskating but I also love most outdoor endurance sport activities and skateboarding on the pump track, which I started last year. Beside sports, I like to work at my house and in the garden and to spend time with my two boys and my wonderful wife.

Your goal this year:  To go around the lake Sempach nonstop. But also to teach dockstart pumpfoiling to my son.

Your favorite quote: No pain no gain.

Anything you want to let us and/or the world know:  Go out, move your body, have fun and stay healthy.

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